Thursday, October 18, 2012

Science Unit on Body Parts

Well, we just finished up our unit on body parts, and I thought I would share it with you.  The whole unit is based around 9 vocabulary words: 

*Eyes  *Hands  *Arms  *Lips  *Feet  *Leg  *Teeth 
*Ear     *Nose

I created assessments (for receptive/expressive vocabulary) as well as worksheets addressing a variety of skills (from writing, to coloring, graphing, counting, matching, categorizing, left vs. right, word search, measurement, as well as cut and glue activities).  This unit addresses my students' science IEP goals as well as a variety of other goals (language arts, math, speech, and occupational therapy).

Here are the two (different levels) assessments I use for this unit.  

Here are some examples of the different types of worksheets I use in this unit. You can purchase the assessments and worksheets at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

As I discussed in my post on my science station (CLICK HERE), I change the theme of my science unit each month.  So, this unit on body parts is meant to last for one month.  I created a variety of worksheets (at different levels) which I use each week with my students.   So basically, I pick out worksheets that are appropriate for each student and photocopy them into a packet.  Then, I make 4 copies of the packet and the students complete the same packet each week for the month.  This repetition is key for my students and helps aid them in not only understanding the science concepts being presented, but also helps them develop independence in completing their work.

My students' packets are stored in folders.  Each day, they complete 2-3 worksheets.  The science lesson begins with my assistant previewing the worksheets they will complete each day.  Once the student completes their work, I have a bin of materials related to the topic for students to engage in.  The materials in this bin includes some additional file folders, games, and puzzles.  

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  1. This looks amazing! We are just wrapping up our unit on health or I might be very tempted to buy this :)

    Brie @ Breezy Special Ed