Saturday, September 22, 2012

Classroom Tour: Science

I change the theme of my science station every month.  I have created a variety of materials for each month.  From vocabulary activities, to games, books, experiments, and conceptual worksheets.
This is the storage shelf for my science station.  I have a bin for each theme which goes on the top shelf, as well as some general science bins (magnets, sounds, etc.) to occupy busy hands when the kids finish all their work.  On the bottom shelf is a "do not touch" bin which my assistant uses to store reinforcers and any additional materials.

Each student gets a folder which holds a packet of worksheets at their level (which they complete with the help of an adult).  These packets change every month and are related to our current theme.
Every day, students complete 1-2 worksheets and then get to engage in a hands-on related activity (book, experiment, puzzles, games, etc.).  This month we are learning about the human body.

Here are some samples of worksheets:

Here are some samples of hands-on activities:

Here is a list of themes I cover each year:
Human Body
Animal Habitats
Solar System
5 Senses
Nutrition and Food Groups
Land Forms


  1. This will be my first year in a "self-contained" unit. I love your ideas! Have you considered posting your science units on a site like Teachers Pay Teachers? I would buy this in a heartbeat!

    Great blog!

    Sarah from AL

    1. Thanks Sarah...I actually do have 2 science units up on TPT right now and am hoping to get more up this summer....

      Body Parts: