Sunday, September 30, 2012

Other Field Trip Visuals

Here are some more visuals we use on field trips.  Like I said before, most of our trips are for food :-)  Since this is so motivating for our kids, it has been helpful in reducing our kids' anxiety and enabling them to be more independent in the community.   We have even heard many stories from parents on how their children are more willing to go into the community and that their behavior has improved in the community with their parents as well.

This is the menu we use at the mexican restaurant.                         Here is the menu we use at the local diner.

Here is a social story we used for the children's museum.  (I just took pictures from their website to show the kids activities we would be participating in).

 And here is a social story we use for Dunkin Donuts.  Since, for us, Dunkin Donuts is a walking field trip and there is nowhere to sit to eat in the store, we usually wait until we get back to school before eating our donuts.  This can be hard for kids to understand (since they are used to getting their treats immediately on other trips).  This social story is helpful in explaining this to kids and helping reaffirm to them that they will receive their donut when they get back to school.

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