Friday, September 7, 2012

Math Facts Graphing!

I have been so busy this week working on my classroom, that I am going to apologize right now for this being a short post!  But, I am EXHAUSTED!!  I have spent a majority of my time creating my class schedule which incorporates schedules for each student and each adult for every day of the week.  More to come on that tomorrow!  For today, I wanted to share a math fact activity we have been doing in my classroom.  

This picture shows one of my student's math fact data (for addition problems).  We do one-minute timings each morning as a part of our morning group (see yesterday's post!).  These timings are done using an addition worksheet with about 50 problems per page. 

*Students get one minute to complete as many addition problems as possible
*Students graph how many they got correct on their own bar graph (kept in their binder). 

This has been a fabulous way to keep a log of data on my students' math goals (without having to do any of the data collection!)  It also works on fluency (speed and accuracy) so that students can work on developing their skills so that they are functional.  Here is a blank data sheet in case you want to try it out (click on the picture below)!

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  1. Hailey,
    Great idea! Another way to keep track of their math fact fluency progress without paperwork is to do it online, if you have time when they can get on a computer. My company, will do that, and will tell you which facts they are fluent in, and which ones they used their fingers for. The basic game is always free, and there is a free trial for the tracking. You can also assign homework and see if the students did it. Have a great day,
    Mark Berg
    Math Facts Pro