Sunday, September 23, 2012

Classroom Tour: Teacher Time

Today, I will show you my "Teacher Time" station.  Here, my students work one-on-one with me on material related to their IEP goals.  We especially focus on IEP goals which are not covered at other stations.  We work on everything from reading to math, communication, behavior, time, money, measurement, social skills, and more.   In an ideal world, I would only ever work with one student at a time.  However, as my classroom class size continues to grow, I have to be creative in splitting my time between two students at this station.   I have my bulletin board set up to post examples of each student's work.  

This station is hardest for me to organize because there are so many curricular areas to cover!  What I have found works, is keeping data sheets for each student at the station so I can remember which goals we need to focus on.  As soon as the child sits down at the station, I pull their data clipboard and pick a goal which I haven't taken data on yet that week.

I keep a folder of worksheets for each student at the station related to IEP goals.

Here is where I store each child's data clip board and worksheets.

I also keep materials organized and stored by commonly covered topics.


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