Monday, September 10, 2012

How to Organize PECS Pictures

For so many of our students with Autism, picture exchange communication systems (PECS) are how our students communicate.  This program has been very successful for a lot of kids with autism in learning how to communicate their wants/needs. 

 These pictures are also useful to adapt academic activities in the classroom for nonverbal students.  The main problem I have found with this program is that I end up with SO MANY pictures and nowhere to store them!  
I have tried several ways of storing them, until I found the one that worked best for me.  I bought clear plastic baseball card holders at target and put them in a binder.  Then I organized pictures according to categories.  A section of pictures in alphabetical order, a section of schedule pictures, etc.  This takes up little space and allows easy access to your pictures whenever you need them!

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