Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Work Task Tuesday!

Time for my second Work Task Tuesday.  This week, I am going to focus on Money Activities.

This activity is matching coins to the coin pictures on the cards.  To make this activity more interesting, I tried to use pictures of reinforcing items for my students!

Coin Value.  In this task, I took real coins and put velcro on the back.  Then wrote up some cards with different values on them and students have to attach the correct coin.

File folder game.  There are number values listed with strips of hard velcro next to them.  Students have to attach the correct number of pennies to match the number value beside it.

Coin Sorting.  I used a veggie/dip tray I got from the grocery store and taped a different coin into 3 of the compartments.  The last compartment is where the coins are stored.  The picture below shows what it would look like when the student gets the task.  Next, they would continue sorting the coins into the appropriate compartments until all the coins have been sorted. 

What kinds of Money work tasks do you do?

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