Saturday, September 15, 2012

Helping Out at Home- Free Visuals

 Over the past couple years, I have begun to offer home visits for my students on report card pick-up day (instead of having the parents come to the school).  I was surprised at how excited most of the parents seemed about this.  So often we bring the parents into school and act as the experts telling them about THEIR kids.  This is a great way to let the parents show off all they know about their own child in an environment they are comfortable in.  I have learned so much about my kids and their families from doing these home visits.   One issue a lot of the parents seemed concerned about was how to get their child to help out around the house and have chores just like their other children.  So, I created a list of chores (with visual pictures) that most of my students could do.
Here is the list of chores.  Some of my students required coaching on some of these skills to begin with, but others we had worked on previously at school in our life skills classroom (more to come on that shortly).  I created this with the intention that parents could post it somewhere in their house.  I laminated the lists as well so parents could use a dry erase marker to circle the chore they wanted their child to complete on a daily/weekly basis.

Here are the labels we use to teach laundry sorting.  You can put each label on a separate laundry basket or just put each on the floor and have the kids sort into piles.


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