Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Work Task Tuesday- Counting

Unfortunately, due to the Chicago Public School strike, I have not been able to get into my classroom for over a week now.  I am going stir crazy and want to go back to work sooooooooooo bad!  Due to this, I don't have an actual photo of the work task for today, but have screen shots of the materials. This week's work tasks both have to do with counting.  

Putting Numbers in Order (fill in missing numbers)
Counting items (and selecting correct answer choice)

These two work-tasks can be used in 3 ways.
1.  You can photo copy them and use them as worksheets (my kids who can write, usually get a packet of worksheets at their independent work station each day)
2.  You can laminate them and have kids use dry-erase markers to complete the worksheets.
3.  You can laminate them and use velcro for students to velcro the answers on.  
     For the putting numbers in order worksheet, students can velcro in the missing numbers.
     For the counting worksheet, students can velcro a star on the correct answer.

CLICK HERE to get the materials for these work tasks.  Hoping I will be able to get in my classroom soon, so I can have more pictures to share!! 


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