Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sound Bingo

Today, I wanted to share a game with you that my students can't seem to get enough of!  My parents bought  Sound Bingo  for us last year, but I found it today on amazon for $11.50.  This game is a great way to work on vocabulary, while at the same time targeting listening skills and social skills.

The game comes with a CD and each track is a different sound.  It includes 24 different sounds such as animal sounds, musical instruments, and different forms of transportation.  I like to go through the tracks out of order so my students can't memorize the order of the tracks :-)

 This is what the Bingo Card looks like.  I like that it uses real pictures of the items instead of cartoon pictures.  This game includes six boards.  At times when I want my whole class to play a game, this is a bummer.  However, most often, we play games in smaller groups so it usually works out ok!



  1. Thanks for the heads up about this game on amazon! We have a similar game, Listen and Learn Farm Sounds, that I picked up at my local Bargain Books a few years ago. It is not traditional Bingo, more of a matching game, but my kids love it and I love that it uses real pictures, too.

    I am your newest follower! I teach a classroom of students with severe/multiple impairments and always love finding more sped teacher blogs :)


    1. Just checked out that game and it looks great! And super cheap! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like this game. It looks like it would be great for my students as well. I teach elementary resource and just found you. Love finding new special education blogs.

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