Friday, October 5, 2012

More Morning Work Binders-Advanced Level

Today, I will show you an example of my most advanced binder.  This student has been with me for 3 years, and each year, her binder gets progressively more difficult.  If you saw yesterday's post, you will notice that this binder covers the same topics, just at a more advanced level.

This page is my student's schedule.  It is written, and covers the entire week (instead of just one day).  I have it in a top-loading sheet, so she uses the wet erase marker to cross off each item as she completes it.

This is an example of a language arts timing for this student.  She is working on blend patterns in reading and spelling.

Here is a sample math timing this student completes.  Written addition math-facts.  I circled the ones she got wrong to have her correct them.

During our morning group while I go over the calendar, weather, etc with the rest of the class, my two most advanced students complete the rest of their binders on their own.  They begin with this sentence correction sheet.  It has two sentences for each day (the whole worksheet lasts a week) and mostly addresses appropriate capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.  You can purchase three months worth of these worksheets here at my Teachers Pay Teachers store

This is the calendar/weather page.  This worksheet is laminated, so students use wet erase markers to write their answers, and one of my assistants cleans them at the end of each day to get ready for the next day.

This sheet works on telling time.  My student circles the time she wants to work on and sets the hands of the clock to the correct positions.  The next day, she crosses off the one she did the day before and circles the new time for that day.  This one requires little clean-up, as you only have to wash it off when all the times have been used up.

This page works on money value.  I velcro different coins to the page, the student has to figure out the value, and then circle the correct value at the top of the page.

Here is the journal page.  While I work with the rest of the class on a journal, I give a different topic to my most advanced students so they can write their journal independently.  You can get a FREE copy of my journal template at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Tomorrow, I will show you an example of a binder for my lowest functioning students.  And for a mid-level students, checkout yesterday's post :-)  

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