Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trick Or Treating

 Most of my students don't get the opportunity to go trick-or-treating for Halloween for a variety of reasons.  Some students live in bad neighborhoods, others are afraid of all the decorations, and others struggle with behavior in the community.  Regardless, as I have expressed earlier this week, my students are OBSESSED with HALLOWEEN.  Working on our Halloween worksheets this week has been a real hit!  My kids get so excited every time we turn the page to the next worksheet.  And since they are so happy and engaged, time has been flying by for me as well!  And, after our week getting off to a rocky start, we have had a fabulous last couple days!

Now, onto Trick-Or-Treating.  Regardless of if our students are able to go in their neighborhoods with their families or not, we like to include a mock trick-or-treating around our school to give our students the life experience and/or practice.  Since my school has 4 autism classrooms, we go trick-or-treating to each of the other classrooms as well as our speech therapists' room, the office, and the case managers office.  

We walk the kids from room to room, line-up, and have each kid take a turn to say (or use PECS to say) "Trick-or-Treat" in order to get a piece of candy.  (We ask each family to send in a bag of candy so that we have enough to go around).  

Also, when we are in our classrooms, the other 3 autism classrooms come trick-or-treating to our classroom.  This way, my students get a chance to hand out candy as well.

We will be using this social story this year before trick-or-treating!  Click Here to get a copy.


  1. What a cute idea! This is the first year since I switched to special ed that my kids aren't TERRIFIED of Halloween. One year I had to take off my costume (a Native American girl) because they didn't know it was me and cried in the doorway. This year they have been counting down for weeks and I've made every lesson as Halloween-like as possible. I hope your kids enjoy the Trick or Treating! :)

    The Lower Elementary Cottage

    1. Thanks! And hope you enjoy your first Halloween with kids who are excited to celebrate!

  2. OH THIS IS CUTE!!! I'm sitting at my computer going AWWW!!!!

    We are ALL Special!

  3. I am glad you give them the experience of trick-or-treating! It is probably perfect for them because it is short and sweet, in a safe environment, and if anyone gets overwhelmed they can easily take a break. :D