Monday, October 8, 2012

Resource for Thematic Worksheets

I use the website 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 to find some good thematic worksheet packets for different units we are doing in the classroom.  Click here to go directly to the list of preschool packs. The different themes range in topics from favorite characters (like Mickey Mouse and Cars)  to holidays, animals (baby animals, birds, bugs, cats, dogs), fairy tale characters (knights, princesses), community workers, and favorite children's books (Brown Bear, Hungry Caterpillar).   Since these copy a variety of motivating topics for our kids, these can be used as a more motivating and exciting to way to work on some basic skills.  Most of the packets are at least 15 pages, and some have twice that amount.  The worksheets cover everything from flashcards, to tracing, pattern, graphing, color/shape/letter identification, cutting, and spelling.

Last year,  I used the Ocean worksheets to prep my kids on vocabulary before we went to a play about the ocean last year.  Here are some of my favorite worksheets from that pack.

I had to cut these out and make them into dice for my kids...but then they did great rolling their dice and recording their answers on the graphs.

This year, I want to use the Camping pack with my class, since we are going on a field-trip to a camp next weekend.  Here are some of my favorite worksheets from that packet!

Here are the flashcards for camping vocabulary (they have these for pretty much all thematic packets)

Here is a cute sorting task.

And more tracing worksheets based on the vocabulary.

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