Friday, December 7, 2012

Gingerbread Man Activities

In November, I totally spaced and my kids didn't finish their turkey art projects until the day before Thanksgiving, so we never got them out in the hall for display!  So this month, I am starting EARLY.  This week, we have been focusing on gingerbread men!

First off, we watched/listened to this version of the gingerbread man story.  I liked it because it has the words on the bottom for the kids to read along, but has enough pictures/action that the kids stay engaged.  The kids really seemed to like it.  I created a short quiz here for FREE about the video.

Next, we made our own gingerbread men.  WHoo-hoo, in time to hang them up in the hall before Christmas!

 I used this mainly as a communication activity to work on Picture Exchange Communication System as well as increasing my students' length of sentences.  I gave them the gingerbread man, but then they had to request for all the pieces to glue on.  I cut the gingerbread men out using a die-cut, and then drew/cut out the accessories on my own.
Here, a student is requesting using a single picture for "gloves."

And here, a student is requesting using a full sentence "I want orange scarf."  Other students (who can talk) were expected to use similar language, but spoken instead of using pictures.

Then, I found this cute gingerbread activity on  You get to create your own gingerbread man using shapes and colors.  My kids enjoyed this as well.

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