Friday, December 21, 2012

Wheel Of Fortune!!!

One of my students is OBSESSED with Wheel Of Fortune...for instance, he wanted us to have a birthday party for Pat Sajak...and he plays Wheel of Fortune every day on the iPad during his break.  So, one day, we had some down time and I thought about introducing the game Hang Man to my class.  I figured they all know the letters (and a majority are reading at beginning levels), so why not?!  It turns out, Hangman (referred to in my classroom as "Wheel of Fortune") is now a HUGE class favorite.

So, here is our beautiful game board.  My Wheel of Fortune Fanatic refers to me as "Vanna" during the game and when it's his turn he often says "I'd like to buy a vowel, Vanna."  Haha...cracks me up every time.
I use this area as a space for letters that AREN'T in the puzzle.  

We also keep score.  Kids vs. Teacher.  So if the kids can guess the puzzle before I finish drawing the man (I draw a body part every time they don't guess a letter in the word), they get a point.

For my nonverbal students, I give them a set of alphabet flashcards so they can hand me the letter they want to guess.  I have an assistant or student sit next to them to help remove the letters already guessed.  Some of my students also struggle with seeing the I give them their own mini white board to keep track of letters/puzzle on their desk.

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