Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Fingerprint Craft

For those of you already on winter break...I am insanely jealous!  But, I can handle 5 more days of school, right?!  I am so looking forward to a week and a half off of RELAXATION (and probably some blogging too!).  Well today I have been super busy crafting, baking, and wrapping all the Christmas presents we bought yesterday...but I wanted to take a brief moment to share this cute craft we did last week.  It is a fingerprint tree.  I found something similar on Pinterest that was an idea for a wedding guest book, but I thought it would be cute to do with my classroom.  Each kid put their painted fingerprint on the paper and then I wrote each kid's name by their fingerprint.   My speech therapist just announced she will be leaving us after winter break.  She has been amazingly supportive and helpful in my classroom.  Plus, she is fabulous with the kids.  We will miss her!  So, I had the kids make this for her as a going away gift.  I think it turned out super cute...I may need to do another one so I can post it in my classroom!

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