Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Cards

Well, December really has been flying by.  All of a sudden yesterday,  I realized I better get going with my Christmas preparations! I still need to shop for family (and a little something for my students), put together some home-made gifts,  and make Christmas cards with my students! First things first, our Christmas cards! Last night, I found this cute activity on pinterest.  Click here for the FREE printable from Contented at Home.
 These were super simple to put together and all of my students enjoyed it.  One of my students, who typically HATES doing anything new, completed 5 cards this morning!  He just kept reaching for another card every time he finished one.  All you do is you "do a dot" paint markers to put colors in each circle.  Here are some pictures of my students hard at work.

 This year we are combining our home made card with our photo card (I am going to attach the photo card to one side of the page).  Every year, we create these classroom holiday cards for people in the school (other teachers, assistants, lunch staff, custodians, etc) and we deliver them the week before winter break.  For our photo we put on Santa hats, Elf hats, and reindeer antlers...sorry I had to blur out the kids' faces so you can't see all my kids' fabulous smiles!  This took a lot of tries, but we finally got a picture where everyone is smiling!

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  1. Thank you for the Christmas tree card idea! I'm going to have my students make these for their partners at our sister school! They would look cute with thumbprints, too :)