Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beginning Readers and FREEBIE!

I always struggle with how to teach reading to my nonverbal or low-verbal students.  Once they can use picture to communicate as well as match letters to letters, pictures to pictures, and words to words (especially words that only differ by a couple letters), I feel like they are ready to learn how to read.  One of the best ways I have found they can demonstrate reading is through matching words to pictures.  This takes an activity they are familiar with (matching) and takes it to the next level.  I also try and use functional words to begin with (food, colors, animals, etc.) so that they are motivated to learn them.

At first, I had a ton of file folders for matching words to pictures...but I quickly realized my smart little students were just memorizing them!  For instance, I had a file folder where the students had to match the color word to the appropriate color.  They could match it 100% of the time on the file folder, but if I gave them a flashcard with a color and the corresponding color word, they wouldn't get any correct.  

So I decided to make some re-usable worksheets that could be mixed up, so my students couldn't memorize where each word was supposed to go (and it worked!).  So here is the little worksheet I came up with.  I plain looking!  I just slid this into a top-loading sheet because I didn't feel like laminating and threw on some hard velcro.  

Here it is with some pictures on it.  You can mix up the pictures each time so your students can't memorize the order.  In this picture, I put on all the pictures and then have the student put on the corresponding word.

Here, I did the opposite.  I put on all the words, and had the student put on the correct pictures.

Here are some examples with numbers, colors, and shapes.


  1. I love this idea thanks for thinking it up.