Friday, December 14, 2012

Memory Game Turned Work Task

Do you have any old memory games that are missing pieces?  I do!  And this one version was missing so many matches that it wasn't even worth playing as a game anymore (I had a student who liked to collect sets of I'm thinking my memory cards have made themselves comfortable somewhere in that student's house). So after looking at the box for a while trying to decide whether or not I should toss it, I decided why not make it into a work task!  I (kind of obsessive) taped on this picture of "work" so my kids wouldn't try and put the game back on the game shelf (we like to stay organized).

This is what the task looks like when you open the box.  I liked the little try the cards were stored in, so I put velcro on the bottom of the box that attaches to the back of the memory cards.  Now, I can rearrange the memory cards in a different order each time my students complete the task to avoid memorizing the order. 

 Next, I created words (to match the pictures) that were the same size as the memory cards.  The kids have to velcro the word to the matching picture.

This is what it looks like part of the way done.  This task is great for turning an old memory game or any miscellaneous pictures you have lying around into a task perfect for a beginning reader!

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