Saturday, December 29, 2012

And more drama games!

I didn't want to overwhelm you by sharing all my drama games in one day, so I have been trying to spread a couple across each day!  This should be the last of them for a little while.  If you want to read up more on set-up of drama time or other drama games, check out my posts from the last couple days.  Again, remember drama time takes place while all students are sitting on the floor in a circle.  

Hot Potato:  This game is a spin off of the traditional hot potato game.  There is no music though, and no one gets out of the game.  Instead, we choose an attribute for the potato (hot, slimy, stinky, tired, etc.).  Then, we pass the potato around the circle and pretend the potato has taken on that attribute.  So, if it is hot...we bounce him from one person to another so we don't have to touch him very long.  However, if he is sleepy....we cradle him and treat him very delicately.  The kids love this game...especially when we get to act like the potato is smelly or disgusting!  This is a great way to work on developing imagination as well as building vocabulary.
Yes It Is:  This game requires some beginning imagination skills.  It is a good one to introduce after your students can play magic wand or the present game (see yesterday's post). For this game, you need any ordinary item from around your classroom.  You could use a roll of tape, a pen, a ball, a frisbee, a piece of paper....anything!  Just pick a different item each time you play the game.  I think it is best to start this game off with the adults taking the first turns. 
 Each person takes their turn by saying something that the item could be.  If the item of the day was a roll of tape, a person could say, "It's a donut."   Everyone else in the group then responds in unison, "Yes it is."  And then it is time for the next turn.  The students pass the item around the circle and each take a turn.  Other examples of what a roll of tape could be are "A mini swimming pool,"  "A bowl of cereal,"  "A hat," "A bracelet," "The sun," etc.  After each turn, the rest of the group responds, "Yes it is."  You can have kids act out what they say as well.  For instance take a pretend bite after saying, "It's a donut."

Tomorrow, I will show you some other books/activities we do in the classroom to work on emotions as well!

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