Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Party

Phew...another exhausting day and another (somewhat) successful holiday party!  So today, we followed our traditional party set-up where we have 7 stations (with 7 different activities) and students rotate around the class in groups of 2-3.  Here is why today's party was only somewhat successful in my mind...I totally messed up my groupings of kids.  I did some last minute switching around of groups and ended up pairing two kids together who DO NOT get along.  They lasted 3 stations until one of them starting crying (too much change in his routine) and then the other started crying as well.  They both cried for the remainder of the party.... Whoops!  Definitely won't make be pairing them up together again in the future.

We started today with a sing-along assembly in the auditorium.  My kids did a great job singing along to all the fun holiday songs!  Next, we played some games in the class and made some cards for our parents.  For lunch today, we had a pizza party and then started our holiday party.  Here are some pictures of our activities!

 We used torn paper to decorate a Christmas tree.

The kid made foam ornaments from some target kits.

 They played December Bingo.

  They finished up some leftover holiday worksheets.

 Our OT made some fun sensory bins.  One was red & green rice scented with cinnamon.  The kids had to try and find items she had hid in it.  She also made some white flubber for them to play with.

 We decorated cookies with frosting and sprinkles.

 We made a gingerbread house! 

Here is a sample of one of the kids schedules for the party.  They do an awesome job following this and crossing off each activity as they complete it.  It saves a lot of hassle for me and helps my make a chaotic party scenario more predictable for my students.

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