Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just Little Something I Whipped Up

So today I had one of those days where you finally think everything is on track in your classroom, only to find out you are wrong!  The day even started out poorly...I overslept, then forgot I had a meeting first thing with my principal (which I hadn't started prepping for yet!).  So I raced to school (with barely combed hair!) just in time to have some run-ins with parking wars in my school parking lot.  Then, finally in my classroom, I got my prepping done for the meeting.  But then, enter the children...I don't know if my morning attitude brushed off on them, but they were ALL cranky and rather naughty today. Luckily we survived with only a few time-outs and scoldings. what do I do once I get home?  Well, I wanted to come home and be a bum on the couch...but my Random Act of Kindness I committed to in this month's currently was to cook my fiancĂ© dinner every night this week!  He kept offering to help cook (so kind!) but I refused him (he put up the Christmas lights instead!!) and proceeded to spend 2.5 hours on making a pin-spired recipe for a vegetarian pot pie.

So here is a picture of the pinterest recipe.         

...And, here is how mine turned out (not quite as pretty...but very tasty!).  I used my Wisconsin "W," badger, and football cookie cutters incase you are wondering!!  So that's it for me tonight people. I'm off to eat my dinner, spike some apple cider and watch some Game of Thrones.

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