Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Worksheet Genius

 I am obsessed with this site!  It allows you to make tons of different types of worksheets.  And then, instead of having to make it over and over again to get new versions, you just push a button and it scrambles the worksheet for you!  

Today, I used their precision teaching worksheet maker.  These are great for working on fluency (accuracy and speed) of skills.  Accuracy is important on its own, but speed is what makes a skill functional.  If it takes 5 minutes to tell the time, even if you are correct, it is not going to be a beneficial skill.  

In my class during our morning routine, we have "Timings."  How it works: 
Each kid has several timing sheets in their binder.  For instance, currently one of my students has 5 different sheets (each with a different short vowel) CVC sheets as well as a variety of single digit addition/subtraction worksheets.  One of the packets I made today was numbers and number words.  (You can see an example in the image below).

1.  Each kid flips to a section of their binder where their timing sheets are located
2.  I set the time for 30 seconds 
3.  The kids try and see how many words they can read, math problems they can complete, pictures they can label, etc.  (differs for each kid depending on their goals and level!) during the time allotted.
4.  We count up how many they completed and then each student graphs their own data.  My kids love watching their bar graphs go up as they make progress!  This has become a reinforcer for them....which is fabulous!

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