Sunday, August 26, 2012

Computer Rules...

I may need to change these to apply to the iPads!  Lately (since the iPad arrived in our class) my kids don't seem quite as into the computer as they used to be.  However, for awhile, we had a lot of trouble with waiting and taking turns at the computer!  For some reason, all my kids would always finish their work at the same time and all of them would be working to earn computer.  We always had someone waiting while the other person finished up their turn.

I created a designated waiting area (right next to the computer station) and hung this visual right next to the "waiting chair" to help out the kids.  I also set up a timer system (we set the timer for around 2 to 5 minutes) so that waiting wouldn't be unbearable.  CLICK HERE to get a copy for the iPad and Computer!  

Tomorrow I can FINALLY get into my classroom to start setting up.  Is it sad that I am SUPER excited?!!

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