Saturday, August 18, 2012

My First Post...A Little About Me

Six years ago, I came into a chaotic classroom of four students with autism and was provided no resources.  Now, I have an orderly classroom of 12 students and resources that have been differentiated for varying ability levels.  I hope to offer some advice and support to those who are just starting as well as a new idea here or there for those veteran teachers out there!

Also want to thank my fabulous friend Jamie for designing a logo for my blog!  

Picture is of my fiancee and me at a cabin enjoying my summer break!


  1. What age group do you work with? I love all of your ideas and resources!

    1. This year, I am teaching 3-4 grade. I have also taught 1,2, & 5 over the last few years. Thanks so much for reading!

  2. Your blog is very inspiring. I am going into an Autism class as well and it will be a brand new program at this school. I am so excited and nervous at the same time since I have not seen the classroom and what resources available. Thank you for your blog!

  3. I am a veteran teacher who will be teaching K-1 in an Autism class after 8 years teaching an emotional/behavioral class. Thank you for your resources.