Monday, November 18, 2013

NEW Spelling Worksheets and Data!

Last year, I used my spelling worksheets for part of my students' homework packet.  This year, I was able to incorporate them into our school day, so my students complete them during the independent part of our morning group.

My school uses Words Their Way and the associated Word Sorts for spelling instruction.  I have photo copied the different word sorts onto different colors (depending on the spelling pattern…i.e. short vowels, initial sounds, etc.).  Then, I laminated them, cut them out, and stored them in baggies.  All of the baggies from the first book fit into this bin from the Target dollar spot.  

In each baggie, is the word sort as well as a written list of the words included in the sort to aid the kids in being independent in the sort.  Some of the pictures like "shed" are hard for my kids to understand without having the words available.  They only use these lists when they need to check on a word they are unsure of.

So, each day, my kids do their word sort, then complete a spelling worksheet.  These worksheets consist of sorting words, writing words 3 times, using spelling words in a sentence, drawing pictures of spelling words, ABC order, and rolling a dice worksheet.  I also added some new spelling worksheets.  This one involves stamping spelling words. 

 This one is for looking up the spelling words in the dictionary.  

All of these spelling worksheets are available in my TPT store here.

At the end of every 1-2 weeks, we take a spelling test based on the spelling pattern they were working on.  I use 5 words from their spelling list and 5 additional words that include the same spelling pattern to see if they are generalizing the spelling patterns to other words.  Kids get 100% based on mastering the spelling pattern even if the actual word is spelled wrong.  For instance, if a kid working on blends spelled the word "fruit" as FRUT, they would still get it "correct" because they used the "fr" blend.  I still correct it on the test for them, but if they are able to master the spelling pattern, they are ready to move on to the next list.

I keep track of these weekly spelling tests in my data binder.  I write down the spelling pattern score as well as the actual number of words spelled correctly.  

In the past, I have also used this data sheet for students to track their pre and post tests.  Both of these data sheets are now also available in my spelling packet on TPT.

We also take the Bear Spelling Assessment about 3 times a year to keep tabs on which spelling patterns they are mastering and which ones they may need additional practice in.

I have updated my spelling packet on Teachers Pay Teachers to include the dictionary worksheet as well as the stamping worksheet.  I have also added in teacher and student data tracking sheets!  Check it out on TPT here.

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