Monday, November 4, 2013

Do 2 Learn Fine Motor Activities

I love finding out about great resources out there (especially when they are FREE).  Don't get me wrong, I buy lots of great stuff for my classroom as well, but since we are always creating new curriculum and activities, Free ones can really help out!  I also love sharing these ideas with you guys!  The activities I am sharing with you today are some simple fine motor activities from Do 2 Learn.

I use these activities in a variety of ways.  They can be great to use at an assistant run station, or used for a kid to work on independently while you are working with another student.  Of course, none of my kids could do these independently at first.  It took some direct instruction to teach them how to do these initially.  They are a fun and engaging way for kids to work on fine motor skills.

This first activity gives step-by-step VISUAL directions on how to draw simple pictures.    Here is one of my kids who drew a boy and a dragon.  The website includes a variety of different pictures to draw.  You can find them here. 

The next activity from Do 2 Learn that I love for fine motor skill building is this sticker activity.  This is also great because it has circles where the student is supposed to put each sticker.  Some of my kids really struggle with slowing down during activities and not rushing.  This activity causes them to slow down, because it takes a lot of precision to take the sticker off the sticker heet and to place it neatly in one of the circles on the worksheet.  You can find several of these worksheets here.

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