Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Spider Unit: Part 1

October may be over….but we just finished wrapping up our Spider Literacy Unit from last month!  In science, we studied insects as a whole class, so to go along with that, my higher guided reading group did some reading work centered around spiders this month!  This also worked well with the Halloween theme!  Many of these activities were FREE…so I have included the links below incase you want to do them in your classroom!

We started out this month filling out a KWL chart on the board.  This was our first time doing a KWL chart, and I think they did very well!  Once we filled out the "K" and "W,"  we looked up our answers in a Spider book we had in the classroom so we could fill in the "L" section.

The kids had a smaller version to fill in themselves.  You can find this for Free on TPT here.  

Next, we filled out this bubble web to work on describing a spider.  All the kids in this group can write, but this activity does come with pictures you can cut out and glue into the bubble web as well.  You can find this for Free on TPT here.

Then, we filled out this cute acrostic poem using what we knew about spiders.  You can find this for Free on TPT here.

Check back in tomorrow for some more spider activities!

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