Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Spider Unit: Part 2

Today, I will be sharing some more fun, and Free spider activities that my class completed last month.

Our biggest project in this unit was researching different types of spiders.  The kids had to come up with a description of each type of spider, find out where it lives, and whether or not it was poisonous.  This took us 2 days to complete (our group lasts 30 minutes).  The first day, we used the iPads to find the information.  We used the kid zone website about spider facts (  The second day, to practice research in another way, we used a spider book we had checked out from the library to do research the remaining spiders.  This activity is available for Free on TPT here.

This same packet included some other fun spider activities such as a word search, page of spider facts to practice reading, and this cute dice activity for drawing a spider.

I also loved this Free packet (you can find on TPT here), where kids cut out the letters of different Halloween themed words and tried to make as many words as possible.  Some of these were harder than others, but I think they are great practice!

That sums up our spider unit!  Now, we are onto some Thanksgiving themed activities for November.

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