Monday, November 25, 2013

Turkey Craft

We started these turkey crafts last week, and of course we were interrupted in the middle by a FIRE DRILL!  My kids were not too happy (and neither was I!).  

This craft was pretty simple and allowed my kids work on requesting using longer sentences.  I had the kids cut up some strips of paper to make the colorful square feathers for the turkey.  Then, I held up one of the colored squares and had the students request the color using PECS or words (for my verbal students).  My higher functioning kids just told me what colors they wanted and made theirs independently by looking at the sample I had created.

Here is one of my guys requesting "I want blue" independently (without me holding up any color).  I then told him to "take blue" from the pile of paper squares, and he got it right!  

Some of my students didn't like my pre-made turkey body parts, so they made their own.  

One student wanted her feathers to look more like feathers, so she cut out her own.  I love when my kids are creative and want to do something different than everyone else in the group!

These simple crafts are always so much fun for the kids and they are a great way to work on some simple language activities.  One of my students really struggles with requesting colors in day to day lessons.  During this turkey craft, he was so motivated to participate (because he LOVES activities with glue) what he got every single PECS request correct and he was so fast, I could barely keep up!  

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