Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spelling Worksheets

I have been terrible at staying on top of my spelling lists this year!  Even though we have a longer school day, I still feel like I don't have enough minutes in the day to do everything I want!  So, I decided this year, I would start using some of my spelling worksheets for homework.  I just started using these last week as homework and so far, so good.  My kids are really doing great with them!  Here is a preview of the worksheets.  I also just posted them on TPT this morning.
Word sorts!  This is a great (and very visual) way to categorize words according to patterns.  I create my spelling lists to follow different spelling patterns (i.e. different short vowels, digraphs, blends, or long vowels).  The kids have to sort the words appropriately.  For example,  one of my students is working on short vowels.  His list for one week will be "short i" words and "short u" words.  So, on the word sort worksheet below, the student will sort based on those short vowel patterns.

This worksheet is writing words in a sentence.  Students choose 4 words from their spelling list to use in a sentence.

This worksheet is writing words three times each.  

This worksheet is drawing pictures of spelling words.  Students choose 4 words from their spelling list to draw a picture of.

Also included in the TPT packet are worksheets for sorting by syllable and using a dice to roll and graph spelling words (see tomorrow's post).  

Here is how I use these spelling worksheets for homework.  Each student has a homework folder that looks like this.  On the left pocket it says "work."  On the right side it says, "Finished.  Bring to Ms. Hailey."  Every day, we put their homework on the left side.  When they finish it, they place it in the right side of the folder.  I staple a copy of their spelling list on top of their spelling worksheet for the day (sorry...the picture below shows an old homework packet).  I also attach a math worksheet to each packet as well.  

They turn their folders into this hanging rack each day.  That way I can avoid having each kid try and show me their work as they turn it into me.  And, it allows them another chance to demonstrate responsibility and independence in turning in their own materials.

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  1. Aloha! Love your resources! I am a special needs educator myself. Thank you for sharing!