Monday, January 7, 2013

New Binder Pages on TPT

I have had several requests to upload more binder work to I did!  Only one additional product so far, but I will be slowly adding more over the next couple weeks.  I use these worksheets in my morning group binders (see this post) as well as in my students' homework binders (see this post).   Click here to check out my TPT store to get your copy!

This product has 4 interactive, re-usable worksheets.  Here are pics of the actual products as used in my classroom.

First off, we have a page for identifying the current season.  The student removes the correct picture from the top of the page and places it in the empty box at the bottom of the page.

This page is a weather sorting page.  Students sort pictures related to sunny and rainy weather. 

This page is for identifying the current weather and temperature.  The student removes the correct picture from the four choices and places it in the bold box beneath. 

This page is for identifying colors of clothes.  This is a great one to work on color identification.  It also can help lead to longer sentences (with PECS or vocally).  Instead of saying, "I wear shirt," sentences can be lengthened to "I wear read shirt."  This also helps students when trying to identify wants (i.e. "I want the blue sucker" instead of just "I want sucker." The student removes the correct colors from the bottom of the page and places it next to the correct clothing item at the top of the page.

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