Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Comprehension FREEBIE

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  I am so happy to have today off and finally have a chance to check some things off my wedding to-do list!  We have been talking about Martin Luther King a little bit in my class, because all of the kids wanted to know why we didn't have school today.  Also, we have it on our calendar as "MLK Day" so all the kids have been referring to it as that.  

I know I probably should have done more on MLK last week, but we just didn't get to I'm thinking about finishing it up tomorrow when we are back in school.  I have some books to read as well as a little one-page write up on Martin Luther King that I got from New-2-You.

I made a little comprehension sheet as well...which is available as a FREEBIE here.  All questions are multiple choice and work on a variety of questions types.  Hope you find it useful!

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