Monday, January 14, 2013

Spelling in the Classroom

Some of my new spelling worksheets are still a little too complicated for my we will be using those in our classroom at our reading station (the easier worksheets, featured in yesterday's post, are being utilized as daily homework).   I fit all of our spelling materials into this binder, so it won't take up too much room.

Each student has a word sort to work on as well as their weekly spelling list.  These are stored in a top-loading sheet.

Then, I have top-loading sheets filled with the worksheets as well.  One activity is sorting words in ABC order.  I have a variety of versions of this included in my TPT packet, but my students will be starting off with the version that has the most prompts.  This version shows in a visual way, how to put words in ABC order.

I also have this activity for sorting words by syllables.  This is obviously not appropriate for all my spelling lists.  One of my kids has all 1-syllable words, so sorting them would be pointless.  For others, though, this will be another great way for them to interact with their spelling words.

The last activity actually is pretty simple.  The only problem with including it in a homework packet is that it involves using dice.  I just imagined students losing them or forgetting them, so figured this activity would be better suited for school as well.  Your student (or an adult) can choose 6 spelling words and write them across the top of the worksheet.  Next, students roll the dice; for whatever number they roll, they write the word in the column.  They continue rolling and writing until one word reaches the end.  My kids like this one because they think the words are racing!
 ALL  of these worksheets (and those featured in yesterday's post) are available from my Teachers Pay Teachers store (click here for a direct link to this product).

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