Thursday, January 17, 2013

Science Unit: Solar System

This month's science topic is the solar system.  This is one of my students' favorite units!  We blow up a ball for the sun and each planet (I forget where I got these, but they are awesome!) and hang them up in the correct order.

I made little Boardmaker labels to velcro onto each month as well.  This helps my kids when we talk about the order of the planets because they have them hanging right above them.

I also love these books I found on Enchanted LEarning that go through where we live (it covers planet, continent, state, address, and type of home).  Click here to see the whole book.  I made one version for my kids to use as a sample.  Mine is on the left and my student's is on the right below.

This month for our experiment, we made a balloon rocket. I love this book because it is super visual and has pictures for all the steps in the experiment.

I made this little experiment worksheet for them to fill out as well.  So far, so kids are so into this topic that they are speeding through all their worksheets and today I had to make more copies to last us to the end of the month!

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