Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spelling Folders

Yesterday, I wrote a post about how we are working on spelling with my beginning readers.  Today, I will show you how my more advanced learners work on spelling.  

These spelling folders are simple to set up and amazing at keeping my higher functioning students organized.  This bunch is the type that, if they actually clean up after themselves, throw their materials everywhere.  So, I have to be extra prepared with lots of labels and visuals to stop that from happening and to teach them how to be organized. 

I labeled each of their folders (which slide right along side of their reading bins shown in the bottom shelf of this picture) with their names on the outside.

On the inside, there is a label on the left-hand side which says "word sort."  These word sorts make up their spelling list and come from the "Words Their Way" program.  Feel free to check out some of my other posts on that spelling program here and here and here.  The right-hand side is labeled "worksheets."  This is where they keep their packet of spelling worksheets.  The first page, they write out their word sort for whatever spelling patterns they are working on.

The other worksheets are writing words 3 times, writing words in a sentence, drawing a picture of their words, and ABC order.  When the students finish their packet, they take a spelling test consisting of 1/2 words straight out of their list and 1/2 words that follow the same spelling pattern hut were not on the list (to test generalization).  

Pretty simple set-up, right?  And believe me, it does wonders for keeping them clean and organized without an adult constantly needed to explain things to them.  Oh, and these spelling worksheets are all available in my TPT store here.


  1. I love, love, love this! I think I may start implementing this next week with my higher group. Thanks for the idea! Did you create the worksheets yourself or do they come with the Words Their Way Program?

    1. I made these myself. Glad you like them! Here is a more detailed post about them.

      And I have them available in my TPT store as well here.

  2. I have these and love love them. How do you track progress of your student's spelling skills?