Monday, April 21, 2014

Tracing Worksheets

Sorry I have been MIA for the past couple weeks.  Mostly, I have been on vacation...and I needed a break from everything!  But now I am back, and refreshed, and ready to blog away!  First up, my newest classroom activity and product on TPT.

At the beginning of the year, 2 of my students could only scribble when handed a marker or crayon.  Having students who don't write is obviously is much easier to create or find worksheets for kids to complete than to have to make them hands-on activities for every minute of their day.  We started using some basic tracing sheets for vertical lines...then added in horizontal lines...then diagonal lines.  And these students were super successful!  They started to understand the "concept" of tracing.

Recently, I added in these larger letters and the letters of their names for them to trace.  Sometimes I photo copy these worksheets, but mostly, we have been using them laminated (saving trees!).  My kids use dry erase markers to complete the tracing...and then we erase and re-use the next day.  One of my kids actually loves to do the erasing part himself when he is finished (works for me!).

In order to document my students' progress, I took some pictures of the first day they completed the tracing worksheets....then I will continue to take pictures to compare and see their progress.  You could also photo copy their work if you wanted a paper record.  

Since these were so successful in my classroom, I wanted to post them on TPT as well for others to use!  You can find them by clicking here.  The packet contains 28 tracing worksheets that cover horizontal lines (2), vertical lines (2), diagonal lines (4), shapes (2), large alphabet letters (10), large numbers (3), small uppercase letters (2), small lowercase letters (2), small numbers (1).


  1. I have also put stickers on one side of note cards and a the number of stickers on the other so the students have to count the stickers and then trace the number on the other side, the cards are laminated of course!

  2. Great idea! I feel like sometimes the best way to get what you need for your classroom is make it! Nice work! I've just recently gotten myself into the blogging world after being inspired by bloggers like you! Please check it out!