Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Leprechauns

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I had a lovely weekend in my college town having a reunion with some of my college roommates and celebrating a baby shower!  It's always so good to see those girls!  Now, we are starting off Monday running since it is actually St. Patrick's Day and there is a party to be had!

Last week, we made these cute Leprechauns using a paper plate.  These would be great for a station at your party.   

The kids had to color the outside ring of a paper plate orange.  Some of my students struggled to stay on the outer edge, so I cut out a black circle to keep in the middle (so they could color there).

Then, we cut out and put together the hats.  Lastly, we added faces to our leprechauns.  This activity took us 2 days to complete (during our 15-minute teacher time station).  One of my students really struggled with the concept of not finishing his leprechaun in one sitting.  I showed him on his schedule we would finish it the next day, and he started sobbing.  I felt horrible for him… but stuck to my guns and finished the activity the next day.  I think it was good for this student to learn that sometimes you can't finish an activity in one day or one activity.  It is good for him to learn to wait…and this makes me want to come up with some more "longer" activities to do with him to help him adjust to this type of change.

Other activities we will be doing at our party today are making Shamrock Shakes, playing March Bingo, making crafts, doing thematic worksheets, and doing a lucky charm graphing activity.  Click here to get this Freebie Lucky Charms Graphing Sheet.

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