Thursday, March 6, 2014

Seasonal Tree Art Projects

In the fall, we used our fingerprints to make these fall colored trees.  I have kept this hung up in the classroom all year, and wanted to add a tree for each season.  

Here are the winter trees we made just last week.  I traced the kids' arms/hand and had them color it with brown paint or brown marker (the marker was much easier!).  Then, we put cotton balls, q-tips, and/or fingers into white and blue paint to make the rest of the tree.  For some students, it helped when I drew a circle for them to fill with the white/blue paint.

Last winter, we did this finger print tree as a going away gift and I wrote each kid's name next to their fingerprint.

In the spring, I am planning on using this idea from Pinterest (could't find the original source).  The kids use a soda bottle to create the blossoms on the tree.

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