Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rainbow Craftivity with Fruit Loops

Since this month's science topic is "Weather" and one of our vocabulary words is "rainbow," I decided to have my kids use their matching/sorting skills to create a Fruit Loop Rainbow.

I had my kids work together to sort the colors onto paper plates.  Then we glued one color at a time.  The kids loved this activity (especially snacking on the leftover cereal!).

This month, we also did this simple experiment to show what happens when it rains.  We put shaving cream on top of a cup of water to represent the clouds.  Then we put drops of blue food coloring on the "cloud" to symbolize the clouds getting heavy with water.  When the "clouds" got too heavy, the rain came through the other side and it "rained" in our cup!  See this post for our "tornado" experiment (including a FREE comprehension worksheet to go along with the experiment!)

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