Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Advanced Morning Group Re-Vamped!

With the loss of one student, and the addition of a new student last week, I decided it was time to re-vamp and re-structure our morning group for my more advanced students.  

I posted our new AM Group schedule on the board.  

We are now able to work on fixing sentences daily (we have covered capital letters, spelling, and punctuation in separate units this year).  My hope is that, my students will be able to do this independently when they first sit down at the station (while I am transitioning from my first morning group).  Right now, I am doing it with them to help them get the hang of it.  These worksheets are available in my TPT store here.  I also added this little checklist into their binder to help remind them which mistakes to look for.

After "fixing the sentence," we jump into "work with Ms. Hailey," also know as our guided reading work (right now we are working on answering "when" questions and learning about nouns, verbs, and adjectives).

I work with this group of students for 30 minutes, and then move onto a different station.  After I leave them, they stay at the morning group station for 15 minutes to complete their independent work time.  Their calendar page takes them only about 5 minutes to complete, so I wanted to add some new, independent work into their binders.  On Mondays/Wednesdays, my students will complete "word of the day" and "# of the day" worksheets.  Currently, we are doing these together (since they are new).  The # of the day worksheet is from frogsandcupcakes blog.  The word of the day worksheet is from Beth Cade on TPT.

On Tuesdays/Thursdays, my students will complete their independent journals.  I have put a small reminder checklist of our "journal rules" in their journals as well.  This is available for FREE here.

Our journal topics, word/# of the day are also posted on the board.

When my students finally get to their calendar pages at the end of the binder, I have created a "cheat sheet" to help them complete the worksheets more independently as well as spell words correctly.

All of these activities are located in the binder in the correct order.  I also added some dividers so the kids can quickly find the section they need.  We used this new schedule all last week, and my kids are definitely starting to get the hang of it!  

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