Friday, December 13, 2013

Simple, but Magic Behavior Intervention

This week in my morning group, we had a new student join us.  So, we have been reviewing some basic rules like sitting upright in our chairs and raising our hands without screaming "ME!!"  This is a very squirmy and competitive bunch!!  We have been having a hard time getting through our reading lessons, because I constantly have to remind one of the kids to stop laying on the table or to stop shouting out all the answers.  

This week, I decided to review the "rules" with them and make "following the rules" into a game.  We listed the rules on the board and came up with a prize for the winner (this group loves drawing pictures…so that was one option to choose as a prize).  Every time I caught them following the rules, they got a point.  Every time they broke the rules, they lost one.  In the end, we had one winner and several losing students crying.  However, on day 2, everyone was on their best behavior and they even asked to "play the point game again." (!!!)  This is not a game I will use every day, but it is great to bust it out when you are working on teaching new behaviors to your students.

Another way I play this game is called Kids vs. Teachers.  Instead of having the students compete against each other, they compete against the teacher.  So, every time the kids are behaving they get a point and every time they break a rule, the teacher gets a point.  

I'm telling you, these interventions are amazing.  They are simple to just put up on the board without any set-up.  They are perfect for your competitive students or students who love praise.  Even students who can't count will love getting the praise that comes along with the points!  And, you can change the rules for whatever new skill you want to target!!

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