Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Tree Crafts!

Last week, we completed a variety of candy cane themed activities, and this week, we did a Christmas tree theme! We each made our own small tree and them put them together to create a class tree in the hallway!
To make the small trees, I had my students work on following 2-part directions.  I made my students a list of the materials they needed to collect.   As we were going through the list, I would say each specific direction out loud to the kids (i.e. "Pick 3 little bows"). Then, after collecting all their resources, each student got to use their materials to decorate their tree.  

Then, came our exciting Christmas tree cooking activity.  I happened to find this perfect FREE activity from Rebecca Bettis on TPT.  The kids read the recipe, and then had a comprehension sheet to fill out.

For my lower functioning students, I had this same recipe in Boardmaker format.  I had found it online a long time ago…(I can't find it anymore…so not sure of the original source to give credit!).  

I created PECS pictures for my non-verbal kids to use to request for the ingredients and materials they needed throughout the activity.

Here is how they turned out!  I little messy, but surprisingly most of my kids ate them! 

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  1. I have been looking for a couple of simple activities to do these last couple of days, that would be short and not too messy, but wasn't having much luck. These are perfect and I am totally going to copy you! I'll save the cone trees for Friday, just before they leave on break. Thanks so much for sharing!