Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Candy Cane Craft-a-palooza!

Last week, we had a little candy cane theme going on!  Check out these cheap and easy crafts we did…

We started the week with these finger print candy cane pictures.  

We made some more of these in card format (using q-tips to cut down on mess) for our DonorsChoose thank you cards (check out this post for more info on how DonorsChoose can get your classroom the exact resources you need!)!

Then we sorted beads by color and put them on pipe cleaners in the AB pattern many of my kids have been working on.

Our biggest project involved making candy cane play dough.  The kids made it using peppermint extract and red food coloring so the whole classroom smelled amazing!  

Check out TPT for the visual recipe, comprehension sheets, and worksheets pictured below.

 Easy level comprehension sheet with visuals and hard level without visuals.

Some candy cane themed worksheets!


  1. I am planning to have my kiddos make the candy cane play doh in one of our holiday party rotations. About how long did it take to make? We plan on having about 15 minutes per activity. . . will that be long enough?

  2. I think you could probably do it in 15 minutes. We did it in groups of 5 kids with our OT and spread out the activity so it lasted closer to 30. Hope your kids love it as much as mine did!!