Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Just a reminder that today is the last day of the CYBER Holiday Sale!!  28% off everything in my TPT store!  Click the picture below for a link directly to my store!

Also, I wanted to give away another Math Freebie!  As I was planning for my December math groups, I decided to target More/Less again since this is a difficult concept that my students continue to struggle with.  I found some worksheets on TPT and created a fun little More/Less Partner Game as well!  You can get it here for FREE!
How it works…2 kids work together (each gets their own sheet and die).  Both kids roll their dice and record what they rolled and what their friend rolled.  Then they have to record if they got MORE or LESS than their friend.  This activity will especially be good for my specific group, because they can't cheat from their partner!  Hope you enjoy it!  And happy shopping!  I officially finished my Christmas shopping yesterday, and it feels AMAZing to check that off my list!  

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