Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Updating All About Me Books!

My All About Me Books have been one of my top sellers on TPT.  This week, I was busy printing, laminating, velcroing, cutting, and binding these books….I'm sure you've all been there!  (Don't mind my pile of Cheetos next to my laminating!)

Whenever I do these big assembly days, it reminds me of this picture….always cracks me up.  Maybe it's just me? 

After all that hard work (shout out to my amazing assistants for helping me!), all of my new students have their books set up, and some of my old students have new pages added.  One of my favorite pages is the birthday page, where kids have to identify their birth month, day, and age!

I also created this cheat sheet for me to keep track of all of my students personal info!  Eventually, I end up memorizing the phone numbers and addresses along with the kids (the other day, I am pretty sure I creeped out a parent during an IEP meeting when discussing which numbers the kid struggles with in the phone number after reciting it from memory), but in the beginning, I need the cheat sheet to make sure they are getting things right!
I've added this cheat sheet as well as this cover page to my All about Me 2 product on TPT. So, if you already own it, go back and download to get these new additions!

You can find these resources by clicking on the following links:

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