Thursday, November 7, 2013

Additional Dinosaur Activities!

Yesterday, I shared my Dinosaur unit with you (check it out here!).  Today, I will show you some of the other cute dino activities we do during this unit!  I store all of these activities in a plastic tub for my kids to utilize when they finish their daily work (worksheets, experiment, etc.).  This comes in handy when you have kids in a group who work at different speeds....or if you have kids that need to be worked with one-on-one.  One kid can engage in these "extra" activities while another student gets 1:1 attention, and then you can switch.

I have this adorable dino puzzle from Melissa and Doug!  Today, I found it available on Amazon for $9.99.

This book is fun for the kids to read independently because it has magnets for them to stick to different pages.  I found some used ones still available on Amazon.

I also found a lot of good stuff at the Target Dollar Spot during the summer like these flashcards and this activity mat.

Also, one of my assistants found us some awesome plastic dinosaurs which we use when making "fossils."  My kids enjoy playing with these as well in their down time!

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