Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Party

I am so grateful that today is my last day of school for the week!  I have NEVER had the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off before…and I am so excited to have it off this year!  Right after work today, I am heading to my parent's house to relax, eat, and shop for the rest of the week/weekend!

Yesterday, we had our annual Thanksgiving Party!  We usually take the kids to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients to make our Thanksgiving Feast, but this year, due to a student having some explosive behavior problems, I didn't feel comfortable taking my class into the community.  So, instead, I went shopping this weekend for everything!  Hopefully my class will make it to the grocery store later in the year (because I really do LOVE that field trip!).

Similar to most parties, we set up stations around the classroom.  At each station, we were cooking a different dish (or dishes).  Some of our stations were turkey/gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, green beans, and cranberries.  We used real potatoes this year (instead of boxed).  They were a huge hit!  Our higher guys made stuffing following the recipe on the box this year (instead of a Boardmaker, visual recipe!).

After we were done, we set up a buffet and had all the kids fill a plate of food (they were served by adults).  

And then, we ate!  We also had some student created placemats for the kids to eat on.

Later, after the party, we had some down time, so I had my kids make this simple turkey craft.  

Today, we will be chilling and watching a movie to celebrate our last day before break!  Many of my students struggle to make it through the whole movie, but it is a good lesson on sitting and being quiet in a group setting!  When they can't make it anymore, we have other activities for them to participate in.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you all of a restful time off!  I will still be posting throughout the rest of the week…so check back for some fun and exciting giveaways and Freebies!

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