Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Math with Bingo Dabbers!

Ok people…I am pretty sure I have talked about my love for Bingo Dabbers before…and this Math Unit (available on TPT) using Bingo Dabbers was just as AMAZING as I had imagined!  This packet of math activities is created by Teach With Laughter (check out her blog!).

I have been wanting to use these from the second I got them…but it took my kids a while to settle into their routines this year.  Now that our math groups are up and flowing nicely, I thought this would be the perfect time to use these activities.  

I love that each activity comes with simple directions that are easy for the kids to understand.  This activity was perfect because we were reviewing the numbers 1-100 before moving on to skip counting.

Our math period is about 25 minutes long, and it took my kids about 2-3 days to finish this! So many of my kids are such speedy workers, so I love activities that slow my kids down and really challenge them!  This was perfecT!  The kids had to search  (in order) for the numbers 1-100….

I also loved using the Bingo Dabbers for simple addition problems.

The dice sheets were great too!  For this one, the kids had to roll and fill in the number of gum balls, until they had filled them all in.

For this dice worksheet, the kids had to roll 2 dice, add them together, and mark off the number they got.

The whole time my kids were doing these activities, they were having so much fun because they got to use the Bingo Dabbers!  Seriously, using these is like waving a magic wand!  These math concepts can be so challenging for my kids, but using the Bingo Dabbers disguises the work as fun instead of difficult!   You definitely need to check out this packet on TPT from Teach With Laughter…and check out the rest of her store as well…she has so many great activities!  I especially like her I Spy activities and Seasonal Math Center Packets!  I just put some of them on my wish list for the next TPT Sale!!

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