Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Top Sellers and Back to School Essentials!

In honor of the big TPT back to school sale, I am posting about my top-sellers on TPT for you to check out for the upcoming school year.   I love that my 4 top sellers couldn't be more different from one another.  From working on personal info, to visuals used as behavior supports, functional spelling activities, and an adapted book on appropriate clothes to wear based on different situations.   Click on any image to be brought directly to the product in my store.

This baby has been a top-seller since I posted it.  It is an amazing way to work on important personal information on a daily basis!  (blog post about this product)

I wear these visuals on a necklace for easy access to help manage day to day behavior in the classroom.  (blog post about this product)

I used this at my reading center for kids to practice matching letters and spelling words independently.  It is adapted for non-writers and it addresses a variety of functional words.  (blog post about this product)

I love this book and so do my kiddos.  Each page describes a situation (weather, time of day, etc.) and the kids get to make a choice on what clothes they should wear.  

I am also sharing some of my "must-haves" that I cannot live without!  These are the things that I'm hoping to try out in the clinical setting as well!

These calendar and weather visuals for the board are such a great way to set up a morning group.  I like them because they look a little more age appropriate for our older guys than the stuff you might find in teacher stores which are usually made for pre-school aged kids. (blog post about this product)

I love this product for working on math skills and social skills at the same time! (blog post about this product)

This life skills product may hold the record for taking the longest time to create...but I think it is totally worth it...pretty much everything you need to set up your own life skills room or station. (blog post about this product)

Of course, I LOVE these science units.  Now I have 8 different units available (Body Parts, Plants, Food Groups, Dinosaurs, Insects, Landforms, Solar System, Weather).

Check back in later this week for a new mini-series on Co-Teaching in an Autism Classroom.  I have been wanting to write about this for awhile because it was such an amazing experience for me and helped me learn so much and grow as a teacher.  Can't wait to share all about it with you!

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